/Crypto trading course and mentorship

Crypto trading course and mentorship

​​​​​​​Learn trading with sushant

4 modules

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Become a Pro Crypto Trader with Mentorship and Guidance.


This course is designed for the beginner and intermediate level traders to learn about Cryptocurrency Trading from scratch. The mentorship program provides personalized guidance to help traders navigate the volatile crypto market.

what is cryptocurrency and how does it work. How to develop trading plan. steps to control psycology .Risk management, profit management, money management, how to grow, to to become a profitable trader . each an everything discuss in videos.



Key Highlights

Step-by-step guidance on crypto trading

Mentorship from experienced traders

Learn fundamental and technical analysis of cryptocurrencies

Risk management strategies to minimize losses

Access to a community of fellow traders

What you will learn

Understand the Basics of Cryptocurrency Trading

Get an introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading, the benefits of trading cryptocurrencies, and how to navigate the market.

Learn Fundamental Analysis

Learn how to analyze cryptocurrencies based on underlying economic and financial factors, such as supply and demand, market cap, and utility.

Master Technical Analysis

Learn how to use technical analysis indicators to identify price trends, support and resistance levels, and trading signals.

Develop Risk Management Strategies

Learn how to manage risk by using various strategies like stop-loss orders, hedging, and diversification.

Get Personalized Mentorship and Guidance

Get one-on-one guidance from experienced traders and network with other traders to share insights and strategies.



2 attachments • 1 hrs

How to develop your trading plan | Important trading rules and Mistakes

Basic guide | Fundamentals , Ico , token


6 attachments • 3 hrs

Technical analysis -1

Technical analysis - 2

Technical analysis - 3

Chart patterns

Support and Resistance

Where is use Candlestick pattern or Not


5 attachments • 2 hrs

Price action | Beginner to advance

My trading strategy 1

My trading strategy 2

Easy trading strategy - 3

My Favorite Ninja trading strategy ✌️


1 attachment • 1 hrs

Secret and steps to control Psychology. Risk management

About the creator

About the creator

​​​​​​​Learn trading with sushant

  • This is Sushant here, I am a trader and mentor.  I have more than 6 years of experience in the market. I teach all types of trading like Intraday, Scalping ,Swing, and Positional trading or Investing in all markets like Crypto, Forex market, binary trading, stock market basic to advanced level. 
  • My goal is to make a self dependent trader so that he becomes financial freedom and because of which he can fulfill his dream. 
  • One to one mentorship.
  • Live market support.
  • Call and whatsapp support.


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